THE BLACK & WHITE SESSIONS is a video performance series created by Keri Larson and Tony Guerrero. Its primary focus is to highlight some of the world’s best vocalists, the often unseen "Session Singers". These singers have been heard on countless films, TV shows, commercials, and records and tour with major artists but rarely take the spotlight themselves.  When you turn on the radio, you hear them.  When you buy a song on iTunes, you hear them.  When you hear a movie soundtrack, you hear them. What this series aims to do is to introduce you to the singers you’ve already been listening to for years.

From time to time there will be special guest artists stopping by to sing and show their support to the singers that support them! These videos are recorded in one take. Tony gets on the piano, the singers rehearse the song to get the arrangement worked out and then we film. It’s raw. It’s true performance in a studio setting without using all the tools to enhance vocals.

KERI LARSON has been a studio session singer for 18 years and has had the pleasure of building friendships and working relationships with many successful and accomplished singers. /



TONY GUERRERO is an internationally recognized jazz artist with numerous recording, producing and songwriting credits. /