Gerald White

Gerald White is a prolific singer/songwriter, accomplished pianist and teacher based in Los Angeles, CA. His BA degree in piano and Masters Certificate in jazz and commercial music has allowed him additional tools to assist in his vocal career as a session singer and teacher. Gerald is currently Chair of both the Local and National SAG-AFTRA Singer Committees based out of Los Angeles and New York. His session work as a vocalist has allowed him to sing on over 200 recordings for Film and Television,  including The Voice, The Academy Awards, League Of Legends, GLEE, Family Guy, Avatar and more. He has runs a vocal studio in Santa Monica where, for the past 25 years, he has helped singers develop their craft and gain vocal freedom and flexibility. In addition, LASightsinger is his newest venture where he has taken 12 years to develop a simple program to help singers learn to read music. This program is also available online as a great tool for those who can’t attend a regular class or who need supplemental tools to accompany their current studies.
Gerald can be reached at &