Brandon Winbush, Tiffany Palmer, Keri Larson

Brandon, Tiffany, and Keri all met working on various recording sessions. They became fast friends and for the past several years have had the opportunity to record as a trio for Ceelo Green's "Magic Moment" Christmas album and perform live for various artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Valerie Simpson, Jeff Barry, Steve Cropper and more, at the Grammy Foundation Music Preservation Concert that happens in LA yearly during Grammy week. They also have done extensive work for many other artist recordings in larger group settings together. 
   This performance was a result of really wanting to record a Black & White Session together, but needing to take advantage of having all three singers in the studio at the same time. During a break at a session the trio rehearsed and figured out their parts to the intricate Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross version of the quirky tune "doodlin". Staying true to the concept of The Black & White Sessions, they recorded it down in one take, no fixes or overdubs. It was 7 pages of lyrics so there are all sorts of "live" moments! It was exciting and challenging and great fun to show the process of what happens when singers get together! Enjoy!"